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If, at any time during your first 30 days you decide that the Momentum Masterclass can’t live up to the promises that I’ve made you, I want you to reach out to me.  I will refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked, no fine print.

I’m so confident that the Momentum Masterclass can give you the high-level guidance and support that people like us need that I’m eliminating any doubts or fears you’re facing. This is the exact system I use in my own life, and countless successful 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure entrepreneurs that I’ve coached use in their own lives.
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 What's Included With Momentum Masterclass...
Momentum Community Facebook Group
Many of the world’s top influencers, authors, marketers, and experts have already committed to the program. The Momentum Community Facebook Group is different than any other group you’re a part of and will help you lower the pressure and noise to build momentum in your life. 
Momentum Membership
Our membership program has been designed specifically with high-level entrepreneurs in mind. Focused, short video modules give you exactly what you need - they’re all about building momentum. 
($4,997 Value)
Momentum Planner System
This is the planner system that I use in my own life, created exclusively for entrepreneurial personality types and focused on intention and offloading where you are uncomfortable. 
($1,997 Value)
One Page Module Summaries
These “cliff note” type summaries will help you anchor the concepts you’re learning and create behavior changes in the fastest way possible.
Resources and Worksheets
This is an in-depth, complete training program that includes all of the resources you need to make things easier on yourself and completely customize the program to your specific needs, desires, goals, and challenges to help you create ultimate clarity. 
($1,997 Value)
Routines and Processes
One of the biggest shortcuts in the program is all of my personal routines, processes, systems, and protocols. You’ll see what it feels like to use a scientifically driven process for planning, your morning routine, creating maximum productivity, and more. 
($997 Value)
My Personal Inventory
All of the equipment, resources, and products I use after having spent hundreds of thousands on stuff that doesn’t work. This is like shadowing me for a week and getting an inside look into how I do what I do and the tools I use to stay in momentum.
($997 Value)
100% Momentum Based Strategies (Guaranteed!)
For people like us, white knuckling only leads to being overwhelmed. We need to feel momentum if we’re going to live up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves and achieve the greatest contribution in this life. Our strategies will give you momentum as soon as you commit and take action.
Total Value: $10,985
NOW: $997 or 3x payments of $399
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